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deviation in storage by God-save-my-QUEEN
deviation in storage by God-save-my-QUEEN

fc: Anne Hathaway

appearance ღ
Very thin and petite, Marianne's general facial structure is sharp and pointy with defined cheekbones and a rather pointy nose. Her eyes are down turned, the color being a light purple with well-kept eyebrows (obviously from getting them done); a beauty mark beneath her right eye on her upper cheek, skin fair and relatively pale. Most of the time she wears make up, and will rarely let anyone see her without it; it's just what she prefers. Naturally, her hair isn't as straight as all of you would see it; even when she straightens it it has a bit of a curl to it, but without doing her hair like she always will (in a bun or something that strikes her mood at the moment) have poodle-like hair; poofy and unruly. It's towards the long side, down to her upper to possibly mid back. Her petite structure and angular body type is naturally that way with a bit of weight watching (since appearance is everything to her). Due to her small-built body, her breast size isn't that big; ranging from a B to a small C.

personality ღ
Marianne is a woman of love and romance, however, she isn't cheap. She loves to flirt but she won't go out with just anyone; she's a high maintenance girl and expects to be treated as such. Being the definition of classy, Marianne enjoys the finer things in life, from gourmet cooking (which she is relatively good at, as well as baking), shopping and just fashion in general. She can have a bit of a 'perverted' sense of humor, but it's all in good fun and nothing is meant by it. She just likes to have fun, and she'll find fun anywhere she can. Towards her family, though, she's a caring mother and can't help but smother her children (the Canadas and Seychelles), and often enjoys the fact some of them still come to her for help or advice, even as adults. Sad that they grew up, Marianne never enjoyed being alone and will go out of her way to surround herself with people or be the center of attention. Even if she's a bit of a diva, she's still the most loyal friend you could have, sassy, at that; she'll back you up in an argument any time you may need (of course, that isn't a bother to her, considering her enjoyment in arguing and debating. She can be a bit stubborn and difficulty at times). She has a few bad habits, such as smoking, but never over indulges in things like alcohol; but smoking keeps her nerves down, and she doesn't intend to quit any time soon.




f r a n ç a i s e

nom Marianne J. Bonnefoy
âge 26 years old physically, 1170 as a country
anniversaire July 14th
taille 5'4" ft, 162 cm
orientation Pansexual
capital Paris
langues French, English, a little bit of Spanish

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God-save-my-QUEEN Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2013
Joyeux Anniversaire ... did I do well? My french is a bit too rusty, anyways, heh.

Happy birthday, Mari! I love you ever so much, you're my best friend and, well, we've had some conflicts in past times, nonetheless I suggest for us to forget it and live right now.

You're absolutely lovely, a wonderful woman with virtues I cannot count with the fingers from both my hands. You're an excellent, golden-hearted woman. Never change.

xoxo liz
Galana-Oneira Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2013
{ Can I just say--
Your fem!France is amazing, okay--
And now I feel creepy for randomly showing up and saying that bUT IT NEEDED TO BE SAID-- }
askfemice Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2013
Well, no
APH-FemaleCanada Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2013
She smiled at you, "I heard you're in relationship with England and I'm very happy for you." She hugged you. "I hope he can be still nice to you!" She said cheerfully.
irinunciareavoi Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2013
Can I just
why does everyone have bad taste in fashion.
Do you ever feel like that too or is it just me oh my God

< i went ooc but still ic just for u >
Oh I feel you.
Like honestly? PICK UP A MAGAZINE.

irinunciareavoi Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2013
I know.

<u ok >
Checking his watch just once more, Arthur took a deep breath and walked up the steps to Marianne's front door. When he reached the porch, he straightened himself up, squaring his shoulders back and fixing his tie. Behind his back he held a small box, wrapped in glimmering red paper and a little pink bow. Looking all too proud of himself, he reached up and knocked a few times on the heavy wooden door, then stepped back a step and waited patiently for it to open.
Of course, Marianne had been jumpy all evening; today was the day. One of her favorite days (besides her birthday, of course). She couldn't help it, though, she was waiting and waiting for the knocks to sound on her door from friends, family and of course lover to receive flowers, chocolates, the works; an perhaps give some out to the people she cared for most. However, it wasn't exactly about the gifts, she loved today because of the, well, LOVE (after all, that WAS kind of her thing). When she heard the knocks, she popped up from a white couch in her living room, as if already expecting something, even if she had no idea as to waht it was. Marianne put on her biggest welcoming smile and unlocked the door, opening it to reveal the person standing there. It took her a while to process it, but slowly (and surely), her smile got bigger (if that was even possible). "Arthur!" she exclaimed, before running up to him before he could even speak and wrapping her arms around him excitedly. Of course, out of excitement, all she could get out was his name.
A wide grin spread across Arthur's face as Marianne appeared in the doorway. He held his free arm out and began to say something, but before he could get out a single word, Marianne was already in his arms. With a light chuckle, he held her close and gave her a small kiss. "Marianne! Happy Valentines day, darling. I brought you something!" With a proud grin, he showed her the little box. Inside was a silver necklace with a violet Iris pendant, and a red rose. Wrapped around the rose's stem was a strip of paper that had another small poem written on it. Arthur had put a lot of thought into the gift, knowing how special this day was to Marianne, and had spent a good amount of time making sure he got things that she would love. He could hardly wait to see her reaction, and it showed in his excited expression.
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